What is Tablika

Cloud-based Mobile Platform to Make Apps

Design Platform

Tablika is a platform that enables individuals or businesses to create native mobile apps, either by: Using an online Design Studio, or Utilizing APIs

Template Driven

Pre-defined forms, templates and layouts can be used to create apps quickly


Using on-line studio doesn’t require any coding, with point and click and drag and drop apps can be created


It is fully API enabled and apps can be created by only calling APIs from external systems, therefore any developer without learning Objective-C or Android can create apps


Design once and native apps for iOS and Android as well as an HTML5 version is generated automatically

Smart Design

Design Once and it will optimize the design for Smartphones and Tablets.


Servers are hosted on the cloud and can be implemented in public, private or hybrid clouds


Multiple users can collaborate to work on the same app(s)


Allows to create or update apps inside a marketplace and publish them to the devices instantly (deploying apps inside marketplace doesn’t require submission to Google Play or Apple Store)


Any user can have multiple spaces (a.k.a. Channels similar to YouTube Channels) and unlimited Apps in each space


Multiple Users can be invited to each space and given certain roles (App Viewer, App Admin, User Admin, Data Admin, etc.)

Access Control

It includes authentication and authorization methods makes it suitable for both individuals and companies to create and share apps publicly or privately

System Integration

Tablika can be integrated with external systems such as Databases or Restful APIs with no coding or additional driver/installations on servers. Example of live integrations: MySQL, MSSQL, etc.

Service Integration

Tablika can be integrated with any API-enabled third party service for two way communications to submit or retrieve data. Example: Kaltura Video Platform, Salesforce, etc.

App Creation Automation

Process of creating an app can be done fully automated. Examples are Doc-2-App: create an app from a documents; Make My App: An app can be created with one-click from the Facebook profile of a user

Usage Analytics

User behaviour and usage can be tracked and reported in a dashboard, example: Google Analytics, Flurry, etc.

Push Notification

Updates and messages can be pushed to users via Push notification automatically or manually

Social Media Integration

Registration with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Microsoft account is supported, along other oAuth services


The best practices in security (e.g. encryption methods) are incorporated to ensure security and privacy


The technology is designed to support high volume of users and apps to register and use the system simultaneously

Enterprise Grade

Infrastructure at Network level, Server Level, Database Level and Application level have been designed and implemented to ensure enterprise requirements

Flexible Deployments

Choices of using the platform as a SaaS, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or as an Appliance

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